Nikki and Keri’s Epic Enchanted Rock Engagement Photos

by Amy Serrago

Keri had been planning to propose to Nikki for a while, but one night when she least expected it, Nikki beat her to it and popped the question herself! Either way, this adorable couple was thrilled to be engaged. They dreamed of an “epic” location for their engagement photos, so they drove for six hours to get to the stunning Enchanted Rock State Park near San Antonio, Texas. The park’s massive pink granite dome has been attracting visitors for centuries and is said to be an enchanted place of legends. The images Amy Maddox captured of Nikki and Keri are truly enchanting. Amy says that Keri was a bit shy at first, but that Nikki quickly put her at ease and once they shared the same “high ten” hand clasp they shared on their first date, she was totally relaxed. You can just see the love in these beautiful ladies’ eyes. Congratulations Nikki and Keri!

Other Location:Enchanted Rock//Photographer: Amy Maddox Photography

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