Morgan and Dalton’s Engagement: A Trip Down Memory Lane

by Amy Serrago

Morgan and Dalton met one Saturday night at Snarfburger, a local burger shack in Boulder, Colorado. They were each with their own group of friends, but both were rushing to get their burgers before the place closed. They struck up a conversation and since no one wanted the Saturday night fun to end, they all went back to Morgan’s house to hang out and eat their delicious burgers. After that, the two groups of friends became one and Morgan and Dalton’s relationship began to grow. Both Morgan and Dalton say they’ve always known the other was “the one”.

After Dalton’s surprise proposal, the pair got started planning their wedding right away. Since they’re both in grad school, they didn’t want planning to get overwhelming, but so far they’ve been having a great time. They’ve already chosen an amazing venue and Dalton says he’s having fun searching for caterers and bands. For their engagement shoot, they posed with a backdrop of stunning mountain views before heading back to Snarfburger and toasting to their future with burgers in hand!

Other Location: Chautauqua Park//Photographer: Dgass Photography

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