Kristy and Mario’s Vancouver Engagement Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Kristy says she met Mario at a Christmas party, but Mario has a different story. He was playing in a beach volleyball tournament and couldn’t take his eyes off of the beautiful brunette on the opposing team. He even told a teammate she was the girl of his dreams. But officially, they met six months later at that party. Kristy says she knew Mario was the one shortly after they started dating, when she met his family. She saw how loving and connected they were and how much pride they took in their Croatian roots. For their engagement shoot, Mario brought a Croatian coat of arms and Kristy, who’s Canadian, brought a gold maple leaf. They also brought their sense of style, blending glamour into nature. Mario looks so dapper and Kristy’s red gown is gorgeous against the wooded background, we can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

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