Shopping For Your Wedding Gown: Say No The Chaos Of A Crowd

by Lisa Beth Miller

If you are addicted to the show Say Yes To The Dress like I am, you may have noticed a shopping trend. Many brides seem to find it necessary to gather a large posse of friends and family members to join in the fun of wedding gown shopping. But is it really wise to bring so many different people along for this momentous shopping occasion?

My answer is no. Here is why:

  1. Save the surprise! Your wedding gown is special and unique. It will have much more of an impact on your guests if they see it for the first time as you walk down the aisle. Isn’t this fashion moment the real reason why the bride walks slowly and deliberately down the aisle?
  2. Not everyone knows fashion. Let’s be realistic here. Uncle Phil and cousin Carlton are fun people, but do you call them before you purchase a new sweater to see if they approve? Then why on earth are you letting them give an opinion on your wedding gown selection? Don’t do it!
  3. People in large groups can mysteriously develop “agendas.” Your three sorority sisters, best friend from ballet class, and aunt from Chicago may seem like supportive people, but when you put them all together in one room, they will compete to see who knows you the best and can pick the right dress for you. This will accomplish nothing and truly frustrate you.

Keep your wedding gown shopping simple. Invite one person, perhaps your mother or your maid of honor. You could even (gasp!) shop alone. The sales consultants in most boutiques are highly trained to help you choose a dress that will express your personality and flatter your body type. They have no hidden agendas; they want you to find a dress that you love. Do not underestimate the knowledge and opinions of these consultants.

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