Kaycee and Albert’s Beachy Engagement Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Kaycee and Albert are an adorable military couple who met online. Kaycee says Albert’s tagline, #thewholeenchilada, was “cheesy” but it made her laugh. They started dating and quickly became best friends. Kaycee says she knew Albert was the one back when she was in nursing school. One night, after dinner at Kaycee’s place, he not only did her dishes, but swept her floor, walked her dog and packed her lunch for the next day. What a gentleman!

Albert’s proposal plan included a romantic beach sunset and a video camera. He wanted to capture the whole thing. But, a few minutes before sunset, another couple asked Kaycee to take their picture. The man leaned over to Kaycee and asked if she could shoot video, because he was going to propose! Albert and Kaycee witnessed the romantic moment between the other couple, but Albert wasn’t deterred. He still had his own romantic moment to make. He asked, and of course Kaycee said yes! So, it’s only natural that they headed back to the beach for their engagement shoot.

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