Becca and Chuck: Best Friends in True Love

by Amy Serrago

Becca and Chuck met in college. He was the president of his fraternity and she was the president of her sorority. So, they socialized a lot and also had tons of classes together. They were great friends. But, it wasn’t until senior year that they started dating. Chuck returned from a trip to New Orleans with a Saints teddy bear for Becca and asked her out. That was the first time she said yes to him and they’ve been together ever since.

Chuck proposed on a lovely fall day. He and Becca’s friends, Melissa and Justin were visiting. So, they decided to take them to a local farm for some autumn fun. The group bought some apples and fed the animals before taking a turn around the farm’s corn maze. Once inside, the guys ran ahead of the ladies and Becca was sure their plan was to jump out and scare them. But, when Becca and Melissa turned the next corner, they found a dead end. Chuck was there, down on one knee. And Justin was behind him with the camera. Chuck said, “unlike this corn maze, our love will never be a dead end. Will you marry me?” Through tears of joy, Becca said yes, thrilled to be marrying her best friend. When they tie the knot this spring, they will have been together for eight years. Congratulations Becca and Chuck!

Other Location:Voyager Park//Restaurant:Hagemeister Park//Photographer: Photos by Ciera

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