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All You Need Is Love… And Inspiration

by Amy Serrago

This week, let real life couple, AJ and KyLeigh inspire you to forget the rest of the world for a while. This adorable pair actually met through their parents. The folks thought they’d make a perfect match. And they were right. Not only did sparks fly between them instantly, but their romance also survived a long distance stint. After spending their college years studying together while KyLeigh cheered AJ on on the football field, these two are ready for anything. So, soak up this beautiful desert shoot. But remember to take time out for the two of you while you’re working towards the big day. Happy planning!

Other Location:Sand Hollow State Park//Other Location:Hurricane Overlook//Dress Designer: My Amazing Wedding Dress//Floral Designer: Jocelyn's Floral//Photographer: Ashley and Justin Photography

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