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Jorey and Graham: Love at First Sight

by Amy Serrago

Jorey says she knew Graham was the one from the moment she met him and Graham says he felt the same way! On their first night out together, Graham felt comfortable enough to cut loose on the dance floor. And Jorey was totally at ease sharing food with him during a late night trip to IHOP. Above all, this adorable couple loves games and anything competitive. So, when Graham decided to pop the question, he planned a family game night/pot luck dinner and invited the whole clan.

During one of their favorite games, Moniker, Graham pulled out a homemade game card. He handed it to Jorey while he held the ring. The card read: “Will you marry me? A question you ask when you are madly in love with your rock, your best friend, your everything. The question you ask when you know without a doubt you cannot live without this person no matter what.” It caught Jorey completely off guard. But of course, she said yes!

Photographer: Astray Photography

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