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Glamour in Grosse Pointe: Emily and Ryan’s Engagement Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Emily says she started crushing on Ryan back in high school, but he played hard to get. Well, eventually he got got! And these two became the amazing couple they are today. Totally meant to be! During their engagement shoot, they a braved brisk Michigan day to bring some glamour to the Grosse Pointe War Memorial. In addition to making a perfect backdrop for Emily and Ryan’s red-carpet-ready looks, the site’s grand architecture is timeless. Emily rocked her chic velvet gown and when she got chilly, Ryan, like a true gentleman, offered her his jacket. Awwww! We can’t get enough of this adorable couple. Not just the love they share, but the way they make each other laugh. Congratulations Emily and Ryan!

Ring Designer:Zales//Event Venue:Grosse Pointe War Memorial//Photographer: Samantha Leigh Studios

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