Josh and Casey’s Romantic Garden Vow Renewal

by Amy Serrago

Casey and Josh have been through a lot together. They first met at a mutual friend’s Super Bowl party at Hood College. That night, Casey’s effervescent nature caught Josh’s eye. He thought she was out of his league. However, they kept making eye contact all night. Eventually, Josh found the courage to ask Casey out. A year and a half later, they got married!

Soon after that, Casey learned she was pregnant. They were thrilled! But Josh is a US Marine and his platoon was scheduled to deploy before the baby’s arrival. When Casey went into labor, Josh was on the opposite coast for pre-deployment training. Fortunately, his commanding officer gave him leave so he could witness his daughter’s birth. He spent 10 days with his new family before he had to leave again.

Josh saw his family one more time. Then he headed overseas to Afghanistan. The next seven months were difficult for both of them. But Josh made it home safe and sound. And their relationship had only grown stronger! Since then, they’ve had two more beautiful children and rescued an adorable fur baby. And Josh got his Master’s from Hood College. Now, he’s working on his doctorate!

So, for their 10th anniversary, Casey and Josh renewed their vows. First, they read personal notes during a private ceremony. A canopy of trees and a rustic pergola draped in red fabric sheltered them as they re-committed their lives to one another. And Josh held a framed copy of the poem he’d written to Casey on their wedding day 10 years prior. After that, they raised a glass to the wonderful life they share. And to the journey ahead. Romantic florals and vintage touches surrounded them. Congratulations Casey and Josh!

Equipment Rentals:The Mustard Couch//Calligrapher: Love Offering//Invitation Designer: Paper Hearts Invitations//Bakery:The Cupcakerie//Location: Hood College//Bakery: Cakes To Die For//Floral Designer: Anita's Flowers & Boutique//Calligrapher: The Soul Typewriter//Cinema and Video:Ashton Kelley Photography//Hair Stylist: Pins-N-Brushes//Photographer: Alisha Faith Photography

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