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How to Use Wedding Blogs to Plan Your Big Day

By Amanda Baity

When you’re newly engaged (or anticipating getting engaged), it can be easy to fall down the rabbit hole of wedding blogs. After all, there are so many great blogs out there, and they’re full of gorgeous images! Many brides find themselves spending countless hours scrolling through these blogs and becoming overwhelmed by all of the weddings they see published and by the imagined pressure to recreate those images or to compete with them.

Don’t worry – we’re not going to tell you to stop looking at wedding blogs! In fact, we are going to help you use them better! Here are some specific ways to use wedding blogs so that they inspire you rather than adding stress:

1. Learn to identify your wedding style. When you begin planning your wedding, you may not know what your wedding style is, other than “beautiful.” Wedding blogs provide great descriptions and definitions that can help you understand and better refine what wedding style appeals to you. You might find that you love boho weddings with whimsical touches, or you may discover that regal elegance in a garden setting is precisely right for you. Whatever your style, wedding blogs can be an excellent way to find it before you make any non-refundable décor decisions.

2. Connect with vendors, designers & shops. One remarkable thing about wedding blogs it that they tend to be great about crediting vendors. When you see an incredible gown on a wedding blog, the chances are good that the post will also tell you the designer and possibly the boutique. By utilizing the vendor credits, you’ll likely also be able to track down the planner, florist, cake artist and more. This is particularly useful when you find posts that share weddings from your part of the country.

3. Encounter new ideas and trends. Season to season and year to year, the wedding industry is changing and evolving … but trends don’t always hit every part of the country at the same time. There may be a fab new trend that
hasn’t made it to your circle yet. Since wedding blogs are worldwide, they can expose you to ideas you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. When you come across an awesome new trend, pin it or add it to a “to research” list so that you can decide if it’s right for your big day.

4. Find sources of inspiration, not duplication! This is a huge, important point that we hope stays with you as you go on to click and scroll through wedding blogs — wedding blogs are there to help you find inspiration for your celebration, not to get you to recreate someone else’s wedding! Each image you see on a wedding blog is the record of a specific moment and is the product of a unique set of circumstances. With the millions of variables involved, it is nearly impossible to precisely recreate someone else’s image … and why would you want to? No matter how hard you and your vendors try to create exactly what you saw on that blog, it will at best be a mimicry of someone else’s work at someone else’s wedding. If you choose to go that route, you’re missing out on the opportunity to make your
wedding the unique celebration of you that it could be.

So instead of attempting to exactly imitate someone else’s wedding, use what you see and learn from wedding blogs to discover what you love and to inspire your own vision! When you communicate that vision to your vendors and
then trust them to be creative, you’ll adore your special and custom-to-you wedding day! Visit to view our blog, full of real wedding features and advice from experts.

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