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Brittany and Matt’s Engagement Shoot: A Rainy Day in LA

by Amy Serrago

Brittany and Matt met at work. Although, they didn’t really bond until later, after Matt had left the company. They ran into each other at a local bar while they were hanging out with friends. One of Brittany’s friends was really into one of Matt’s friends, so the whole group made a plan to go to Six Flags together. Well, when that day rolled around, everyone in the group bailed. Except for Brittany and Matt. So, they decided to hit the park anyway and they had a great time. All that waiting in line for roller coasters gave them a chance to really talk. They hit it off and as Brittany puts it, they’ve been “enjoying conversations and thrills together ever since.” Awww!

This adorable couple has been together for 10 years and they still can’t wait to see each other after a long day at work. Matt proposed to Brittany on a wine tasting trip in Santa Ynez, CA and it was a total surprise. Since they love the area so much and Matt’s proposal was perfect, they’ve decided to return to Santa Ynez for their wedding. But first, they shared a fun afternoon capturing engagement photos on a rare rainy day in LA. Congratulations Brittany and Matt!

Other Location:Downtown Los Angeles Arts District//Photographer: Michelle Sobel Photo

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