Chloe’s Snowy Bridal Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Chloe planned her bridal shoot close to her New Year’s Eve wedding. And then Winston Salem, NC had their biggest snowfall of the year – on the very same day! Her fiancé, Neil, is no stranger to a challenge. In fact, he’s an American Ninja Warrior! So, since being brave is sort of his thing, he braved the storm and drove Chloe to the shoot. He also brought his wedding suit (which is black and gold to match his signature ninja costume) and joined in the fun. But because he didn’t want to see his love in her stunning BHLDN gown before the big day, he kept his eyes closed the whole time. Awww!

So, Neil and Chloe ended up with some adorable and absolutely breathtaking images to share for years to come. And days later, they said “I do” at nearby Incendiary Brewing Company. What better way to ring in the new year? Congratulations you two!

Dress Designer: BHLDN//Photographer: Lindley Battle Photography

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