Engagement Stories: Tasha and Michael

by Amy Serrago

Tasha and Michael met at work. They struck up a conversation during their lunch break one day and they’ve been together ever since. When they first started dating, they spent a lot of time just cruising around listening to music and singing in the car. So, to this day, if they’re looking for a cheap date idea, that’s what they do. Most importantly, they always have a good time!

For his proposal, Michael kept things simple. He planned a normal date for Tasha. However, he didn’t just cruise this time. He drove her to special places from throughout their relationship. The spot where they had their first date, where they met and the first apartment they lived in together were all on the journey. And they were grooving to tunes and singing along the whole way. Finally, he stopped at a local park so they could take a walk. It was there that Michael asked Tasha to be his wife. Of course, she said yes! And she loved that his proposal was just so “them”!

Photographer: Shelby Laine Photography

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