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Wedding Cake Inspiration – Which Cake is Your Style?

wedding cake, Simply Desserts

A classic cake by Simply Desserts

By Amy Taylor

Sponsored by Simply Desserts

Wedding cakes come in so many beautiful styles, it might be hard to choose. Simply Desserts, an award-winning bakery based in Gainesville, Virginia, brings us some wedding cake inspiration to help you choose the perfect sweet touch to your big day!

Wedding Cake Styles to Inspire You

Floral cake
Tall cake
Naked cake





Rustic cake

Novelty cupcakes

Flavor Trends

Once you’ve chosen the style of cake, now it’s time for the best part — tasting! There are many different flavor combinations you can choose from.

Kimberly McDonald, Owner of Simply Desserts, says, “Almond is still the classic flavor. I have added to my tasting plate some unusual flavors to get the couple to step ‘outside the box.’ Lavender earl grey with a honey swiss buttercream and green tea with matcha cream cheese have become popular choices, along with lemon champagne with raspberry filling.”

If you’re looking for a cake to wow your guests, Simply Desserts can help you create the cake of your dreams. If you’re still not entirely sure what direction to go with for your cake, they can give you their expert guidance. Reach out to them today at 703-754-2257 or visit their website.



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