Brooke and Scott Engagement

Engagement Stories: Brooke and Scott

by Amy Serrago

Brooke and Scott’s engagement story starts at a Philadelphia Eagles watch party in, of all places, Austin, TX! Their group of east coast Eagles die hards started small, with just 20 fans. But it was where Brooke and Scott found they had more in common than just a team. However, over the years their party has grown to over 200 weekly attendees. And now they run Austin’s “Eagles Nest” together! Brooke says she likes to think of them as the “king and queen”.

Scott and Brooke have taught each other a thing or two during their relationship as well. Brooke says Scott opened her up to culinary tourism and at the same time, she taught him to love cats! But it was their shared “crazy obsession” with the Eagles that really solidified their bond. That, and the fact that neither sacrificed their “east coast personality” when they moved to Austin.

Scott’s epic proposal took place on New Year’s Eve. He and Brooke had an ocean view room at the Cliff House in Cape Neddick, ME. While New Year’s Rockin’ Eve played on the TV and a fire roared in the fireplace, they got cozy and waited for the resort’s midnight fireworks display. After that, Scott handed Brooke a glass of champagne. But it was no ordinary glass, it had the words “Will you marry me?” etched into it. Brooke says the moment was “absolutely perfect”. And of course, she said yes!

Brooke’s ring is certainly a stunner. Designed by Verragio, it’s got classically elegant style and a 3.2 carat diamond! They’re planning a fall wedding back home at the Rittenhouse hotel in Philadelphia, the theme is sparkle elegance. Congratulations Brooke and Scott!

Other Location:South Philadelphia//Other Location:Philadelphia City Hall//Photographer: J&J Studios, LLC

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