Selecting The Perfect Wedding Shoes

by Lisa Beth Miller

Almost every fashionista loves a fabulous shoe. Selecting shoes for your wedding day should simply be one more opportunity to add an amazingly stylish touch to your look.

Shoes for your wedding day should not be a last-minute decision. The shoe should be coordinated with your gown color (it could even be a unique contrast), your jewelry, your bouquet and your basic style. They must be selected carefully! Talk to the style consultants at your bridal boutique for ideas.

Once you have found the correct pair of wedding-day shoes, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

  • In order to prevent blisters and discomfort, start wearing your shoes about a month before the wedding to break them in a bit. Even just walking around in your shoes for 15 minutes each evening will help your comfort level!
  • Be absolutely sure that you have your shoes (and all of your wedding day accessories and undergarments) before your first appointment with your seamstress. Your wedding gown alterations will not be appropriate unless the seamstress has a full vision of your complete look! So shop early!
  • Avoid the whole “dyed to match” concept. Allow your bridesmaids to select a metallic shoe instead. These are neutral and can be worn again. If you absolutely insist upon dying the bridesmaid shoes, treat the girls to a second shoe makeover and dye their colorful shoes black.

Remember- if everyone in the wedding party loves their shoes, it won’t be necessary to distribute flip-flops or slippers at the reception. Simply don’t do it! Your wedding is your one day to be stylish and fabulous, so keep the standards high! An exception may be made to this rule if your wedding and reception are literally on the beach.

If you love dancing, consider shopping for a brand that actually specializes in well-structured, comfortable shoes! One great company that I adore is Angela Nuran.

My final tip: you will almost be guaranteed to have blisters and pain if you grab a cheap pair of shoes at the last minute! Take your time and purchase fabulous shoes for your big day!

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