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Wedding Gowns: How To Know If You’ve Found “The One”

by Lisa Beth Miller

If you are addicted to reality wedding TV shows like I am, you probably think that it is obvious when you put on the “right” wedding gown. Some think it is a special hunch, while others claim the bride will most definitely shed tears when she sees herself in the correct dress.

Some brides just do not experience this moment of clarity and never really feel one-hundred percent confident. Why?

Well, for starters, many brides simply over-shop. They feel they they cannot allow themselves to relax and feel confident in a dress (no matter how perfect it truly looks) until literally EVERY dress option has been seen. This attitude often leads to marathon shopping sessions to multiple boutiques.

This accomplishes very little because each visit to a new boutique starts the entire process from the very beginning, and consultants are trained to have each bride try on a variety of styles. By visiting 20 boutiques, the bride is actually wasting time and failing to narrow her choices at all.

Another reason that some brides cannot relax and commit to a dress is that they are relying upon the opinions of too many people. No dress is going to please everyone, but it is next to impossible to follow your instinct and wear what YOU love when your aunt is complaining that your dress has too much beading or your maid of honor wants you to show more skin. Too many shopping buddies lead to a bride being totally distracted!

So, what is the ultimate test to figure out if your dress is “the one”? Try it on, then join your bridal consultant at the mirror. Close your eyes and envision your wedding venue. Where will you be standing at the exact moment your dress is revealed? Now open your eyes. Is this who you want your guests to see? If the answer is “yes”, you have found your dress!

Another obvious clue: if you are in no hurry to change out of your dress and want to test it out by sitting in it, dancing in it, posing in it, or even just standing around in it, you may have found your dress!

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