2020 Trend to Try: Recycling

by Lisa Beth Miller

Showing kindness to Mother Earth is always stylish! Recycling and its longevity will obviously influence trends in everything including weddings. Sooo…why not create a wedding without waste?

We are not, of course, just talking about gathering basic recyclables (like glass and cardboard). Experts are seeing trends in recycling other nuptial merchandise!

From a recycling point of view, trendy florists worked with plants rather than cut flowers when possible. Also, when decorating large outdoor areas or tent structures, many kept roots attached to plants and sent them back to nurseries afterward. If you insist on traditional arrangements, at least donate them after the big day and brighten someone’s day (think nursing home, hospital, group home).

Other ways to cut down on waste? Don’t buy frivolous favors that guests won’t take with them!

Donate your dress after the wedding, or have it re-purposed into a christening gown.

Skip fireworks, which are not great for the environment or the fragile ears of animals.

The lesson? Put some thought into cutting down on wastefulness if possible. It just takes a little extra thought to show kindness to the Earth.


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