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Cooking As a Couple: Make it Easy, Healthy and Fun With Pampered Chef

By Erin Pittman

Sponsored by Pampered Chef by Anna Tjoumas

Sharing a meal certainly brings people together but preparing it side by side can be an even more rewarding experience.

Whether you’re new to cooking or your kitchen tools could use an upgrade, Anna Tjoumas with Pampered Chef can help you get started.

Superior Products

Cooking together at home can be more enjoyable with the right, quality products. Pampered Chef prides itself at staying on trend with products and providing customers with quality guarantees.

“Our cookware is unsurpassed by anything out there,” said Tjoumas. “The company was smart in their recent redesign of the cookware. The handles are removable for easy storage, they are dishwasher safe, and you can safely use metal utensils on them without worrying about scratching them.”

The cookware also carries a lifetime warranty.

“If anything happens to it, Pampered Chef will be true to their word and replace the items,” she said.

Another time-saving product to add to a couple’s kitchen is the Quick Cooker, the company’s pressure cooker. The Quick Cooker allows couples to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals even when they are short on time.

“Home cooking doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can just add chicken and a jar of salsa to the pot, press a button and have dinner,” said Tjoumas.

Pampered Chef’s Deluxe Cooking Blender is another time-saving, unique item to add to any kitchen. With the blender, you can create peanut butter without added oils, easy and healthier jams and jellies, smoothies and soups — and it even cooks the soup! The blender also has a self-cleaning feature for hassle-free cleanup.

“It’s an amazing product. The only thing it doesn’t do is shop for you!” said Tjoumas.

Tjoumas notes that Pampered Chef’s grilling tools are popular among men and often are their favorite of the products. The company offers large, high-quality grilling tools, mats and stones, a portable grill well-suited for tailgating or small patios, and their popular Rockcroks®.

“Our Rockcrok® sits on the grill and is perfect for cooking beans alongside your burgers and hot dogs,” said Tjoumas.

Be on the lookout for their latest product — the Deluxe Air Fryer. This fryer features a basket that rotates and can cook a whole rotisserie chicken.

“The company frequently looks at the products on the market and asks, ‘What could we improve?’” said Tjoumas.

Start with the Basics

If you are just getting started, start with the basics. Pampered Chef has a number of fundamental products that save time and make cooking more enjoyable.

The Quick Slice makes cutting your favorite fruits and vegetables simple with just one quick motion. And the Food Chopper cuts down on prep time by quickly chopping nuts, veggies and cooked meats.

Couples can also check out their cookbooks for recipe ideas to cook together. You’ll find gluten-free cookbooks, quick meals for weekdays and the ultra-affordable season’s best collections.

Couples Parties

For couples looking to really stock their kitchens, Tjoumas suggests hosting a cooking party.

“Couples parties are really entertaining,” said Tjoumas. “I have the men volunteer and wear the aprons, and it’s really fun.”

During parties, Tjoumas showcases a number of products and prepares various dishes for guests to sample. She demonstrates how simple and enjoyable cooking at home can be. And during couples’ parties, she focuses on many products that men may enjoy, such as grilling tools and accessories.

For more information about products, to make a purchase or to book your party, email Anna Tjoumas or visit her website.

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