Soooo, What Exactly Is a Trunk Show?

by Lisa Beth Miller

Ready to start searching for your dream dress? Of course, you are.

You may notice some bridal salons advertising “designer trunk shows.” These mysterious in-store events may sound like a confusing concept, but a trunk show could be the key to you finding the perfect wedding gown!

So how does a trunk show work? A designer may decide that some unique designs are not getting quite enough attention. The dresses may be cutting-edge styles that bridal boutiques were afraid to purchase, dresses in alternative colors, or dresses at a different price point than typically featured in a shop. Sometimes trunk show dresses are brand new designs that literally no brides have seen yet!

The designer ships the collection to a bridal shop for a limited time (usually in boxes, rather than in a trunk, but you get the idea). Occasionally, the designer attends the trunk show event or sends a representative. This allows them to get feedback from customers and to help brides find the best styles. Their presence also makes the trunk show more exclusive, as they often will provide a gown sketch, discount, or gift to purchasers.

If you are invited to a trunk show, definitely attend! It makes dress shopping just a little more memorable and fabulous. And do not be afraid to call local boutiques to see when their trunk shows are scheduled.

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