How to Take a Break From Wedding Stress and Pamper Yourself at Home

by Lisa Beth Miller

Times are stressful worldwide right now. Many are being asked to stay at home as we deal with a pandemic unlike anything we’ve seen before. Wedding planning (or for some, re-planning) can just add to the onslaught of anxiety. So, how can a girl deal with it all? Slow down and give yourself a break! I chatted with a fabulous local beauty expert for some amazing ideas!

Hania Issa is a professional makeup artist, eyebrow designer, and licensed esthetician who has been in the business for over 15 years. Early in her career, she worked extensively in fashion and television, which was all about making women look their best in front of the camera. Those experiences provided a great foundation for working with bridal parties. Most women will never be photographed more than on their wedding day, and those photos will become family heirlooms. Hania loves helping brides make memories that last a lifetime. Some of her work may be viewed on her Instagram page: @beautybyhania.

We started by discussing some recommended rituals to help brides-to-be (or really anyone) relax during these difficult times.

“Applying a face mask once or twice per week really improves the skin’s health and appearance. Here’s an easy DIY mask that will leave all skin types smooth and well-nourished. Mix one tablespoon of plain, whole milk yogurt with one tablespoon of honey. Apply it to clean skin with your hand or a brush, leave it for 15-20 minutes, and then wash with a washcloth. The lactic acid in the yogurt acts as an exfoliant, while the honey is a natural moisturizer with anti-bacterial properties,” Hania explained.

A few other ideas? “Every night, while applying your serum or moisturizer, massage your face in an upward motion for two to three minutes. A few minutes of massage increases circulation and promotes relaxation. If you are having problems sleeping, take a warm bath 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Adding a few drops of lavender essential oil improves the experience.

Continue your morning beauty routine, even if you are staying at home, to preserve your self-esteem and sense of normalcy,” Hania suggested.

Ok, so what about beauty rituals you should think twice about attempting at home? “Avoid plucking your eyebrows! Many of my clients and I work for months on their eyebrow design. It’s a process that requires time, especially if we’re correcting the shape. My advice is to hide the tweezers, wait for this pandemic to pass, and then hire a professional to help you. If your brows really bother you, just trim with scissors until you can get help. I would also stay away from coloring your hair at home. Although box color is inexpensive, it is really difficult to achieve the desired look and the results are often splotchy and unpredictable. If a home coloring goes awry, professional color correction could also be more expensive than having it done in the first place,” Hania advised.

If you aren’t commuting during the pandemic, use that time to refine your morning beauty routine and create positive habits that you’ll want to continue after the crisis has passed. You’ll feel more confident participating in video teleconferences, and you’ll feel healthier, too. Here are a few more tips from Hania:

“Avoid the temptation to stay in your pajamas and sweats all day.

  • Brush your hair out and wear your favorite clothes.
  • Use a rosy blush to brighten your face and give it a soft glow.
  • Use a natural lip color like a happy pink or peach.
  • Use mascara to give your eyes definition.
  • Wear your fun earrings and your favorite hair accessories.
  • Top it off with a light spray of your favorite perfume that won’t overpower your home. Our memories and emotions are very connected to our sense of smell.

Stay beautiful, stay strong, and stay home!” Hania concluded.

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