Beauty Background: Serum and your Skincare Routine

The skincare routine has evolved and the days of ‘yes my makeup is off, can I go to bed now?’ is over. Serums are sensational and beautypress shows you just why squeezing them into your everyday regimen can work wonders can work wonders…

Acne Away

Who knew that slinking on some serum could reduce breakouts? Due to their watery consistency, serums don’t form pore blocking layers – meaning they also absorb much faster than traditional moisturizers.

Oil too

No one wants to add more fuel to the grease fire – serums have a watery consistency rather than an oily one so we can keep those sebaceous glands feeling sexy – really, they can be. Serums are far lighter than moisturizers, so they keep skin hydrated without weighing it down.

No Fillers Please

No one wants unnecessary ingredients in their products, especially those of us who have sensitive or breakout prone skin…serums are more expensive than other products but it is worth it.


By ditching products which use cheap occlusive agents (petroleum and mineral oil are the main culprits), and opting for more valuable active ingredients such as peptides and vitamins, serums can deliver their greatness deep down into the skin rather than just creating a temporary effect at the surface.

They Actually Work

Serums have the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can buy without a prescription – normal cleansers and moisturizers only contain between 5 and 10% of active ingredients, whereas your S secret can contain up to 70%. Yup. Real results people!


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