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Top Home Beauty Hacks

The current crisis is making us think twice about how we consume, and some ideas emerge or are put back into practice. In fact, our everyday products sometimes contain beauty secrets: skin, hair…and these homemade recipes move away from the budget-budget prices. The kitchen may be your new bathroom!

For healthy and shiny hair:
Could our hair get shinier using beer? After washing your hair, apply some just before styling – hold and shine guaranteed! In addition, the smell is not discernible. You will not see beer in the same way ever again…

Not keen on beer? Adopt for clear vinegar. Simply mix 1 dose of vinegar to 5 of water, and apply this mixture to the hair after washing – this is a leave-in formula so perfect for spritzing on post-conditioner.

To prevent split ends, olive oil could just be our best ally. Apply a little on the tips and leave 30 minutes before washing out…this will give it all the hydration it needs with minimum effort.

For a radiant complexion:
Eyes a little swollen? Tea bags will put an end to it! At breakfast after the crazy night on the dance floor, forget about throwing away your black tea bag and put it on your eyes instead.

Cucumber slices are also known for their moisturizing action, especially after mild sunburn. The vitamins contained will come as a bonus to treat irritated skin on top of helping to replace lost moisture.

The infallible mask in case of dry skin remains this mixture made of cottage cheese and honey – these two ingredients bring hydration and intense care to the skin.

For a beautiful skin:
Want to whip up exfoliant? There’s nothing easier. Take some olive oil and mix it with sea salts, – then apply this mixture on dry places (ex: elbows, knees or feet). For hands, switch to sugar instead sea salts.

Cleopatra was the precursor beauty of the time, and had understood all the benefits of a milk bath for optimum beauty. She used donkey milk for this purpose, and her 21st century version consists of normal milk, but with a high proportion of fat (1 litre of 3.5% for a bath). The cream contained in the milk is nourishing and soothes sensitive skin, and milk enzymes will support cell renewal.

All grandmothers will tell you: lemon juice helps whiten the nails. We cut the lemon in two, we plant our nails in each hard and press down. We let the zest act and reveal whiter tips!

For a diamond smile:
Baking yeast holds a whitening action. Forget your expensive bleaching toothpaste and apply on your wet toothbrush and scrub. The same process also works with baking soda. Note: if you do not want to damage your enamel, we apply this beauty recipe 1 to 2 times a week max!

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