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On Celebrating Your Original Wedding Date

By: Tania Hossain of  Wedding Stories By Tania

If you have had to delay your wedding date due to any reason out of your control, you are not alone, especially if your original wedding date was in the spring or summer of 2020.  Due to social distance notices to protect public health, staying 6 feet apart with only 10 people was hardly the wedding you had imagined or planned. After working closely with a dozen couples whose 2020 wedding dates were postponed to 2021, I know how much sadness, confusion, and utter sense of loss our couples felt as they worked to schedule their wedding team for their new date.

There was a reason our couples had picked their wedding date, so I asked a few of them what they did to celebrate their original date.  I picked a few things our real couples did to celebrate what will now become their original special day.  I hope that you too will get through this difficult time and find a way to celebrate with peace of mind knowing that you too will be getting married very soon.

1)  Make A Meal Together
Make it extra special by cooking a meal together.  Maybe the start of a wonderful family tradition?  Our couple woke up early in the morning to go for a long walk.  After building up their appetite, they went straight to the kitchen and got busy.  They cooked an assorted of breakfast and ate it all the way into lunchtime. Now that is one heck of a date!

2)  Write A Love Note
Could there by anything more romantic that writing a love note to your beloved?  Along with writing a love note to each other, our couple also polished up on their wedding vows peppered with humor about why they never showed up to get married on their original wedding date.  Ha!  I think this was the best one.  Then they finished reading their love notes to each other in bed.

3)  Finished A Puzzle
This one took me off guard, but their story was very endearing.  Both have a high functioning life and both busy with their career.  They had never actually done a puzzle together.  It took them over 5 hours to get done with their 500-piece.  Why?  Because they took the time to be cozy over a couple of bottles of wine and leisurely muddled through the puzzle and ended up finding a totally new way to relax.

4)  Danced For A Long Time
Oh, no!  Not their first dance.  They saved that for their wedding day.  Our couple went all out.  They moved furniture around the house and danced to music that either she or he did not like but at least one of them did.  They said that they learnt so much about each other from tolerating to loving the music.  I thought this was an interesting way to learn more about each other.

5) Took A Bubble Bath
Hearing about our couple taking a bubble bath together while sipping bubblies made me laugh and gave me goose bumps at the same time.  Seriously!  Our couple shared that this was an unplanned evening that turned into a very relaxing time with each other lathered in bubbles, wrapped up in laughter, and an all-around fun evening. I think this should be part of every date night, don’t you?

6) Actually, Got Married
This was perhaps the hardest decision our couple made – to get married.  The officiant, one set of parents, a couple of siblings, a couple of friends and myself capped the total at 10 standing 6 feet apart with most of us wearing face masks. Our couple will host their wedding reception in May 2021 when they will be surrounded by family, friends, and the rest of their loved ones.  Our couple made peace with their decision to get married on their original wedding date which was over in less than half an hour.  It was like, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Sharing what our real couples did to celebrate their original wedding date brings me to these final few thoughts – even in some of the most difficult times, nothing fell apart.  In fact, everything fell in place as our couples selected their new wedding date, finished planning or are still finishing up, but took the time to celebrate their original wedding date.  Isn’t that what marriage is all about?  Taking everything in stride together?  I think so too.

The best part of all this is that we know you will have your dream wedding and that day will be even more special because you have already lived through a real celebration and came out stronger.  Not that you must celebrate your original wedding date but from what our real couples shared, it helped them mend their heartaches and gave them peaceful closure of this unprecedented time.


Tania Hossain, is the owner of Wedding Stories By Tania, an award-winning studio that will document your wedding day with the authenticity that is unique to your wedding story. (703) 489-5999 a brand of Tania Hossain Photography

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