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Beauty Background – Let it bloom! Summer perfumes

Summer has an indescribable smell, yet it has a different scent for each of us. A summer flirtation, the great adventure on a trip or simply a sunset at a romantic evening: the sunshine is even more enjoyable when accompanied by a suitable perfume reminding us of the best memories.

It smells like summer!

In summer, we have access to a much larger amount of fresh fruit than during the cold season. Apricots, strawberries, cherries, melons and rhubarb are making their comeback in our kitchens. But why not also enjoy these perfumes in our bathroom and in our wardrobe? Nowadays, fruity flavors are not the only ones to be popular: the luxurious and very fragrant flowers such as jasmine or Tiare flower are often at the centre of exotic perfume compositions. They add a hint of sensuality and are frequently associated with a base of vanilla, patchouli or sandalwood, which give the fragrance a longer shelf life.

Have Flair

Every year, we discover more than 3,000 new fragrances launched on the world market, and perfumers continue to surprise us during the summer season with unique and fruity or sensually seductive summer creations. However, this environment remains subject to a certain fashion and trend lines. For the romantics, discover the Lys de la Vallée, its very sensual perfume blends perfectly with the Bois de Sandalwood and Heliotrope. Fragrances with gourmand scents such as fruit and vanilla are always a firm favourite. Of course, there is always the constant fragrance we meet throughout the year. According to experts, the concentrate of Oud Oriental and pretty violets will not disappear completely this summer, because even the greatest classics are constantly reinterpreted year after year and thus become coveted collectibles.

Let them bloom!

Much more than all the other flowers, the Lily of the Valley is a symbol of the beginning of summer.. In combination with sweet and spicy honeysuckle, other fragrances awaken the appetite for new outdoor adventure Notes of lavender honey, bitter almond essence and white musk form a unit will make you dream all day long if they’re key notes in your fragrance this season.

Not forgetting perfumes with impressive citrus top note, embodying a sweet fragrance blending wood with elegant flowers might tempt your fancy. Freshness also interferes with men, with the stimulating scent of Lemon and Mandarin taking over your senses, an association that allows to leave the fatigue of spring behind you and make the most of summer.


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