Beauty background: Sunscreen for different skin types

When it comes to day creams or face masks, or even scrubs and serums, there are different products depending on your skin type. So should we pick our sunscreen products with the same thought in mind? The answer is yes and today we will tell you exactly what kind of sun care your skin needs depending on how dry, oily or acne prone it is.

Dry Skin

According to licensed cosmetologist and beauty expert, Beth Barrick-Hickey, people with dry skin can use a sunscreen protection with SPF 15 or higher in the form of a cream. Don’t substitute a sun cream with an oil with sun protection. Oils promote rather than prevent sunburn and are more suitable when tanning.

Oily Skin

For oily skin, she recommends using lightweight, oil-free, mattifying, non-comedogenic sunscreen as to avoid skin break-outs, clogging pores and greasing.

Acne-prone Skin

Sensitive or acne-prone skin? Although a suntan may mask blemished skin, sun exposure does not clear up acne and may even cause more break-outs. Some people may have acne eruptions after being exposed to the sun – avoid suntanning oils and again use lightweight, oil-free sunscreen with a good SPF for the face.

Text: beautypress

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