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Fort Lauderdale beach hotel wedding: Jessica and Scott

Photos and story by Jeff Kolodny Photography 

Jessica works for Anne Barge a popular bridal gown designer.  She has been in the bridal business for over 13 years.  She has a lot of insight when it comes to bridal gowns.  They were very surprised when the did their wedding site visit 4 weeks before her wedding.  She arrived at her chased venue to find that the venue was under construction.  Needless to say, this was a mess, she had to move her wedding to a different venue.   She is very happy to talk with

publishers about her career in the wedding gown industry,  her venue issue, and having to deal with the stress of it all.  As the photographer, I ask that the name of the old venue does not get mentioned in the article.

Jessica and Scott met on January 9, 2018 on J-Swipe. The first date was to Salt 7 in Delray Beach. Jessica works for Anne Barge which is a bridal gown design company (

Jessica has been in the bridal business for 13 years so she finds it interesting now that she is a bride. Anne Barge custom-designed her gown. Her advice to brides buying a gown is to follow your heart and select a gown that has all the elements you had imagined you wanted. Some brides give up too often when looking for a gown. She enjoyed sharing the entire wedding planning process with her family.

Four weeks before her wedding she made a site visit to her venue and found that the venue was in the process of being renovated. (I can’t get into the situation with the venue because it’s a very well known venue that I work at often.)

She called me in a panic and I started making calls. Eventually, we switched locations to the Harbor Beach Marriott which is a wonderful venue in Fort Lauderdale.

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