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Same Sex Wedding in Surrey – Rivervale Barn: Shaun & Jean-Pierre

Photos and story by CG Wedding Photography

Shaun and Jean-Pierre made a wonderful wedding couple and they chose to start their day in­ their own way. Taking more of an American approach, they had a first look moment on the grounds of Rivervale Barn. They decided to help each other get ready for their wedding and it was such a beautiful touch

The reflections of them in the water are some of my favorite photos from the Surrey Wedding Photography portfolio. Heading back up to Rivervale Barn and these two were ready to become a married couple. It was such an amazing moment for not only them but all of their family and friends too. The lamp up the aisle was a simple touch that added to the bright colors of the room and the couple lead each other down the aisle, hand in hand. The bright orange of their ties was truly complimented by their brilliant flowers with delicate dashes of white

To bring the wedding to a fantastic close, not only was there a great deal of dancing but Shaun and Jean-Pierre have invited a drag queen to perform. I must admit that this was the first drag queen that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph at a wedding but it was really fun. Plus, the newlyweds had planned a choreographed first dance that blew the socks off everyone in the barn. The whole wedding was fantastic for everyone and not just the married couple. It was a momentous moment that will be remembered by everyone there for years to come.

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