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Country Club Wedding: Mimi & Paul

Photos and story by Gabriel Conover Photography 

I have not shot many weddings at country clubs before, but Alta Vista Country Club was just absolutely beautiful. It’s so easy to take the beauty that is right next to us for granted.

Mimi and Paul met me for their engagement shoot at Crystal Cove a few months before the wedding. We talked a lot and shared as much as we could about our lives in the couple of hours we got together. The beach was peaceful and serene. There were not many people there and the weather was so kind to us.

Their wedding day was even more wonderful. The tears were all real! The ceremony was focused on Mimi and Paul’s relationship together and with God. Alta Vista Country Club truly provided the most beautiful ceremony site for these two people.

The reception was so so so fun! They played lots of games which made everyone laugh and there was something for everyone. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this many events at a reception before but it was just wonderful!

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