Industrial wedding inspiration: Jessica & Jayden

Story and photos by Lavan Photography

– How and when did you meet

Jayden and I met at Uni, on a night out at the pub, I caught him looking over at me and thought he was cute! We exchanged numbers and messaged one another over the summer break and started dating the following year.

– How he popped the question?

My sister was living over in the UK and I had gone over to visit her. On my arrival home, Jayden picked me up from the airport. I knew something was up as I had asked him to stop at MacDonald’s so I could get some fries. He totally forgot and drove past the big M. When we arrived home he told me to wait outside as he had found something in his cupboard when I was away (we had a running joke that he had already purchased a ring and he was hiding it in his cupboard). I waited outside the front door and he took his time. When he finally got back to me he told me to close my eyes and put my hands out… He then placed a puppy French bulldog on my chest. I opened my eyes and couldn’t believe it! He then proceeded to pop the question… He was very awkward, I could tell he was nervous … To this day I still don’t think I ever said yes, I just couldn’t get over how cute Pedro the puppy was.

– When did you know you’d found ‘the one’?

The little thing… the support he gives me and how he always encourages me to be the best version of myself. That those things that would normally annoy the hell out of you, don’t when they do it. I don’t think there was a particular moment, but an accumulation of spending time together that made me think ‘I want to grow old with you’.

– What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning?

I always wanted to get married and have a big white dress and a traditional sit-down. However, from going to friends’ weddings I picked up ideas and merged the best parts of what I liked into our own. I wanted somewhere that people didn’t need to move from the ceremony to a new reception that was non-negotiable and Jayden wanted somewhere central so no loved ones would miss out. We booked Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond, it had a cool, relaxed vibe, where people could just comfortably mingle and have a good summer afternoon.

– What was your color palette and your style vision/theme of the wedding?

Green, white, and navy. When we booked the brewery, my ideas changed. I wanted something that would work with the brick wall. The native green & white florals and light green bridesmaids’ dresses complemented the venue.

We had a cocktail stand up the theme as we didn’t want to restrict people on who they could mingle with and therefore no awkward dinner conversations.

– What unique elements or DIY details did you include?

As we got married at Mountain Goat brewery, the summer before my husband and his mates would drink cans of Mountain Goat at BBQs. I collected the empty cans and made vases for floral arrangements to be placed around the room. I think if you have time, there are heaps of easy fun things you can do yourself that help keep costs down and also add that special touch. I created a sign with the order of events on one side and menu on the other. Decorated the cake myself and did the floral arrangements (Paid a florist to do the bridal party flowers).

I hired an ‘always and forever’ neon sign and this made a great place for people to take photos under.

– What was your favorite moment? Your favorite crafted detail?

How can I choose a favorite! I loved every moment. The best times were getting photos of just us, it was such a frilling feeling to be with the person you just married and to have those moments where you just stand in silence and look at one another knowing that that person is there for you, all whilst someone capture those special moments is amazing.

– Tell us about your flowers, your gown, your favors, your cake, etc

I absolutely LOVE my dress! It was so comfortable, easy to move in and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I have ever worn. When I went dress shopping I had seen this dress online but didn’t think it would work with my body shape, I said that to the consultant and she told me to ‘just try it on and then I would know, and it would be out of my mind’. I tried it on and couldn’t believe it, it was love at first sight. The cake we didn’t get through a traditional cake maker. We bought a tiered cake stand and got the cake from la mana fresh (an Italian supermarket) then purchased cupcakes from a shop. Placing the cake on the top tier and the cupcakes on the bottom two. I added some native flowers on top of the cake and a love heart cake topper. It cost half the price of anything I was quoted.

– What is one piece of advice that you could give brides-to-be?

The best piece of advice I was given was from my sister-in-law and her advice to me ‘it doesn’t matter if something doesn’t go right or something is in the wrong place, as you and your husband, will be the only ones who know!’

– What was your favorite moment of the day

Walking down the aisle (or should I say running) and seeing the love of my life at the other end!

– Any funny stories (or near disasters) in the lead up to or on the day?

As my bridesmaids and I are getting ready one of them received a phone call from my husband saying his phone had broken and wouldn’t turn on. She didn’t think much of it. But it had his vowels and his speech on it! Note to others always have spare copies or send them to your email so you can always access it from somewhere else.

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