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3 Micro Wedding Details You Can’t Overlook

Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

By Rebecca Jones

Yes, you can have a beautiful and meaningful wedding this year! 2020 cannot take away your celebration of love. In fact, 2020 couples have embraced the new concept of the micro wedding.  For those couples who decide to get married this year, micro weddings have become increasingly popular. Micro weddings are smaller in size, usually with a guest count that’s in line with local guidelines. Although your wedding has shrunk in the number of guests, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the opulence or details. In fact, a micro wedding can be your dream wedding.

Go for Fine Dining

A large majority of the wedding budget is traditionally spent on catering. But with a smaller wedding and a smaller guest list, your budget has opened up considerably. With that freedom, consider offering more of a fine dining experience for your guests. Your caterer will most likely recommend a plated meal in lieu of a buffet line to ensure that your guests are able to maintain social distancing anyway. Plated meals always feel more extravagant than a buffet line. Use this opportunity to enjoy a higher-end entree and treat yourselves and your guests.

Make it Memorable

A micro wedding also offers the opportunity to add much more detail to your ceremony and reception that your budget may not have allowed before. For your ceremony, add a floral arch with your favorite blooms or add beautiful aisle decor and markers to make your entry even more momentous. For your reception, add personal touches to the table decor: go for the nicer linens, include handwritten notes for each guest (use this as part of their wedding favor!), and choose the fancier dinnerware. The beauty of a smaller wedding is that you can really customize the experience and truly make it a memorable event.

Hire the Pros

You may think that you can handle all the details of a smaller wedding and you’re probably right. But when you hire a professional planner, you get all their experience and knowledge — stuff you may not even think about. They will handle all the coordination of the vendors and venue and allow you to really enjoy your special day. Definitely use a professional photographer who matches your style and will capture all the beautiful moments you’ll never want to forget. Photographers generally charge based on a timeline. And with a smaller wedding, the timeline may be shorter, so ask if they offer a custom package. And yes, with a smaller wedding you could certainly ask Aunt Ida to help cater, but if you are going for a special experience, lean on the pros. Even having your favorite restaurant cater will lift a load off your shoulders.

As 2020 continues, micro weddings will just gain in popularity. And that may not be a bad thing. If we’ve learned anything, it’s that these smaller weddings can be even more memorable and meaningful for the bride and groom and all those in attendance. So if you choose a more intimate wedding, just remember it’s just as special as the one you dreamed about as a little girl and there’s always an opportunity to throw a raging bash next year.

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