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Why Learn to Dance?

Provided by The Wedding Dance Specialists

Deborah Joy Block is a national expert on wedding dance and a certified event planner. Her company, The Wedding Dance Specialists, is located in the Washington, D.C. area.

Their award-winning services are renowned as the most recommended wedding dance company specializing in helping couples sparkle in the spotlight during their fairytale dance! Compared to traditional studios, they offer many unique services customized to the special needs of engaged couples.

Certified in life coaching and having taught over 10,000 couples, Block also provides premarital coaching, which parlays beautifully with the dance lessons  – which are all about teamwork!

So Why Learn to Dance?

You’ve made a big investment in many aspects of the wedding day that will only last one day. Learning to dance is a small investment in your relationship creating lifetime memories — an actual skill useful at future special occasions. Dance lessons are the most fun and romantic time a couple can have during the wedding planning process!

Many couples are realizing the importance of expressing their unity and growing closer through this unique learning experience. They are seizing the opportunity to shine on the dance floor while personalizing their celebration through their own creative expression. For these insightful couples, the First Dance is often the highlight of the reception, and the most vivid wedding memory guests take home with them since actions speak louder than words.

There are lots of aspects of the wedding that can be outsourced – – the bakery, the caterer, the florist, the event planner. There are two vital components that only the couple themselves can execute in order for a wedding to be valid and authentic – – their vows and their First Dance. The public and legally binding vows verbally profess the couple’s intentions to be supportive and loyal to each other. The First Dance is the first marital act that physically proves a couple’s ability to be supportive of one another. By exercising teamwork and patience during private rehearsals and ultimately for public display, the couple “moves as one” on the dance floor and a promise is sealed and delivered.

Client Testimonial

“The Wedding Dance Specialists took us from having no dance skills to being able to dance at our wedding. We highly recommend them. Our First Dance was a huge hit! Robert did the lift wonderfully and the dip was great too! We also did a lot of fun, fast dancing during the reception. Everyone was so surprised because we are usually pretty reserved and rarely dance; thus it was that much sweeter! Thanks for your help; we appreciate it!”  – – U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Kerri Strug and Robert Fischer

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