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Backyard Star Wars Themed Pandemic Wedding

Story by 9 Lives Designs

Photos by Stephanie Lagares Photography LLC

This couple decided to get married in the Spring of 2020 despite all the chaos in the world. In these times we have to get creative and that’s exactly what this couple did. Not only did Radiance and Anthony show how strong their love is by getting married during a global pandemic, they did it with stormtroopers and a Mandalorian! Baby Yoda even made an appearance! It was an intimate ceremony and family members and friends that couldn’t be there logged in on Zoom and were able to watch the whole wedding and even celebrate after. It was truly a unique wedding that proved love has no limits.

Photography: Stephanie Lagares, Stephanie Lagares Photography LLC

Wedding Design + Decor: Megan Morrison, 9 Lives Designs

Food Displays + Table Floral Arrangements: Laura ann Harper, La Hostess

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