A Day of Love and Peacocks

Story by The Diva Wedding Planner

Photos by B & S Photography

Shauntavia met Jamie in the 10th grade. He came to her hometown (Hemingway, SC ) with his cousin for a girls and boys basketball camp, he was already out of school just trying to find his way, came down just to help his cousin with the camp.

From the Bride:  I was all into basketball and did not even have boys on my mind. So, Jamie approached me and asked me for my number. At first, I was like nope, I don’t want any boyfriend and he was like okay cool. The next day at camp Jamie asked again, and once again I turned him down. Jamie was determined to get my number so, he asked again, and I finally gave it to him on the last day of camp. We talked for like 3 to 4 months on the phone, but we eventually stop talking on the phone because he was from Delaware and we were just too young to understand the long distances relationship strategy. Well, years went by I had a child, he had kids, just living life, and one day I had an inbox on Facebook from this guy, that I had no clue who he was. He went far as sending me pictures of himself asking me did I remember him, I said no I am sorry I don’t know you. This man was consistent just like the little guy I met at basketball camp. On this one day, he commented on one of my posts and I said to myself, umm this man has to know me to be this consistent, so I had to take the time to look through his pictures on Facebook to see who he really was and low and behold it was the little Jamie that I knew from 20 years ago. I was in total shock that after 20 years he came searching for me. When Jamie and I started talking he would always say you going to be my wife, and honestly I would brush him off because I didn’t believe in love at that time because he came back for me I was broken, and didn’t know how to accept what was in front of me that real true genuine love. After being friends for a year we made it official with our relationship in 2017. Jamie and I traveled for my job as a travel nurse from 2017-2019 to North Dakota, Connecticut, Atlanta, and we stopped in SC where were we reside now. During those years I did not know he was plotting with my best friend, friends, mother, and sister to propose to me. Just a week before the new years of 2018 Jamie asked me about having a party at our new home for the New Years, I was like yes why not. Here I am no clue planning, getting catering all setup, inviting friends, and all the things you do to get things together. I remember him saying baby, I sent you some money through Cash App so you can get your nails done, that was odd because I just took my nails off because I type better with them off for work. Another thing that I had found odd was my mom kept calling me and kept calling me, it is usually one call daily from her. I did not think anything about it and that night came and everyone was there, and we all were having a great time. My best friend called me outside to talk, and it started to rain so we went back inside and when we came back in, they had the song “I’m gonna make you my wife” by The Whispers playing. I walked around the corner and there my handsome husband was on one knee with our friends behind him holding up a sign saying, “WOULD YOU BE MINES FOREVER, BEAUTIFUL?” I was speechless, but not too speechless to say yes. I knew right then that Jamie loved me unconditionally.

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