West Atlanta Brewery Wedding at Monday Night Garage

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While having a Monday Night Garage wedding wasn’t Casey & Patrick’s pre-pandemic plan, they ended up actually liking the brewery more than their original location! They had the opportunity for a redo when they had to postpone in May because their venue at the time had no availability until summer 2021.

When frantically searching, they remembered Monday Night Garage, one of their favorite breweries in the city. They loved the creative and industrial feel to the space. From the moss wall to the astronaut graffiti to the beautiful chandeliers hanging throughout the space, it fit them and their aesthetic. They loved being able to show their out of town guests some local beers at a place that is meaningful for them. Funny enough, they had actually celebrated their engagement at Monday Night Garage back in 2018 but didn’t realize this until after booking the wedding there! Sometimes things just work out like that.

The Decor

When it came to décor, they love greenery and nature and wanted something very simple and warm. They focused on their inspiration flower – blue hydrangeas – for any colors and tons of greenery and candles to warm it up. They accented the floral with pops of golds with slates of blue and greys to balance the warmth of the greenery.

Being Intentional

To be intentional about their wedding they incorporated all the things they loved, including their dog Maddie! She had a signature cocktail named after her, koozies with her face printed on them, and their gift to guests – custom Monday Night Brewing pint glasses with her signature ears built into a logo! Casey actually designed it herself!

In addition to this, the newlyweds didn’t blindly follow traditions. Neither of them like cake that much, so they ditched a wedding cake for mini Bundtinis by Nothing Bundt Cakes and popsicles from King of Pops. They also didn’t want a traditional protein + potato and veggie meal so they opted for an Atlanta classic, Fox Bros.

They asked their best friend to be the officiant because it was more meaningful to have someone they know and love to marry them. They crafted their own ceremony specifically with passages and a script that matched them, speaking to partnership and involved their guests and wrote their own vows.

The Obstacles

They were devastated to have to downsize their wedding due to COVID, so they found a way to involve those from home through a virtual stream and sending them blank advice and wishes cards to send them back so they could all participate in a “guest book” style activity. All the cards they received were put on display during the reception.

Advice to those planning now?

“Roll with the punches,” they say. “We of course wanted all our friends and family there and that was something hard to let go of when we downsized. But at the end of the day it’s just about you two. Even if it feels like COVID is going to ruin it all, it won’t. You can still have your special day and it will be the best day ever. But don’t forget to mask up, sanitize, and encourage social distancing.”

The Memories

Casey and Patrick’s favorite memory from their wedding day was their first look. “It felt like time slowed down for it,” said Casey. “Patrick was already in place when I got there, so it was such a thrilling feeling to see him there, ready to come up and tap him on the shoulder to turn around. I loved that we got to have that private moment with each other to soak it all in.”

They wanted to enjoy their cocktail hour with their guests, so they also opted for the intimate first look with just their immediate family so they could do all the photos pictures before the ceremony. “Second would be Patrick’s Greek dancing, which I have NEVER seen before. I knew he used to do Greek dancing as a kid, but I never really got to see what that meant. That was a fun moment.”

Lastly, the day after the wedding, they each took time to write down all the thoughts and feelings about the day so they could capture the post wedding high on paper. The plan is to read their recounts together every year on their anniversary. They mentioned that it’s crazy how quickly the little details fade away so they are excited to have this written down! What an awesome idea!

A huge congrats to Casey and Patrick, and their sweet baby puppy Maggie!

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