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Ole Hanson Beach Club Wedding, San Clemente

Captured & submitted by Tayler Ashley Photography

When you picture a Southern California wedding, you probably imagine palm trees and an ocean view, and that’s exactly what Ole Hanson Beach Club is! Ashley and CJ are the most laid back, silly, FUN couple and this spot was perfect for their beachy wedding. Ashley said, “We got the beach without having to walk in the sand, the incredible views, and the sunset!”

CJ added, “It felt right. The beach made us feel relaxed. The location was unpretentiously spectacular!” They even stayed at a cute little beach house across the street the night before!

Their Orange County wedding was all about relaxed vibes, enjoying the company of family and friends, and making the BEST memories! Ashley said, “I was dancing all night long. I will not be remembered as the bride who didn’t have fun at her own wedding! Getting to laugh, drink, and dance with all of my favorite people for hours on end was incredible.”

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