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Allison and Christian’s Engagement Session

Captured & Submitted by Enchanted Celebrations

Congratulations to Allison and Christian on their engagement! Their engagement day began at an alpaca farm. The cute couple was greeted by many fluffy alpacas as they stood against the wooden fence and posed for some adorable pictures! Allison looked wonderful in a tan button down sweater, blue jeans, and tan booties to match. She also wore a brown hat to really tie the look together. Christian looked handsome as well and was dressed in a pink and white twill shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers to match.

After those photos, the couple continued their walk, and their engagement photographers were able to capture some cute shots of the couple holding hands as they walked along the path. They reached an awning at the end of the path and stopped for some more pics. Allison and Christian shared a kiss and held each other close, as they continued to pose for the camera. Then, Allison got to show off her gorgeous ring in some close up shots. How beautiful!

Next, they moved inside a rustic barn for some more pictures. They sat together in one of the chairs and posed happily. Afterwards, they moved outside to visit the alpacas. Allison and Christian got the opportunity to feed some of the fluffy animals before continuing their walk along the road. The happy couple posed for a few more photos as the sun was setting in the sky behind them. What a picturesque moment!

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