A Classic Southern Wedding

Captured & submitted by Morgan Film Co.

Kevin and Savannah have a truly special love story. Savannah recalled it saying, “We met the first day of college. I was 18 and it was actually his birthday so he had just turned 19. We had a party with the baseball players that night (we were both on scholarships as athletes) and we sparked up a conversation. He was such a gentleman and walked me back to my apartment later that night. He snuck his number onto my phone so we talked on the phone literally all night long until we both fell asleep. The rest was history. I knew that he was the one for me.”

Time passed, and then the day came that the couple had both wanted. This is how Kevin proposed, according to Savannah:

“We were in our most favorite place in the world, Seaside, Florida, with my family and friends. It was our third night there and we were planning to take family pictures on the beach since one of the girls we were with had just bought a really nice camera. We were walking through the famous white pavilion onto the beach and my family were over to the side. As we were walking, he stopped me by putting his hand on my shoulder and starts to tell me how much he loved me and how long he has wanted to do what he was about to do. He then reaches in his back pocket and I am smiling so hard my cheeks immediately start to hurt and he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring of my dreams. I’m in complete disbelief. I have been waiting on this day for almost 8 years, and I start crying before I could even say yes. I finally was able to get the words out to say yes to the love of my life as he’s still down on his knee like ‘well is that a yes?!’ It was the most beautiful perfect day. I couldn’t have imagined it any different.”

Regarding the wedding, Savannah said, “My style vision was elegant, classy and timeless. I wanted to look back on my wedding day and still think 50 years down the road that everything and all the details were perfect and beautiful. With my wedding being in November, I wanted to stick with some fall colors in my color palette. So I went with navy, maroon and gold. My girls wore a champagne, neutral colored dress, the groomsmen wore navy blue tux’s and my bouquet had dark maroon.”

Congratulations, Kevin and Savannah!

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