Mercury Hall Wedding in Austin, Texas

Captured & submitted by Nikk Nguyen Photo

Any couple that brings their furry friend to their wedding has already started off on the right foot. Alisa and Louis created the perfect day together, it was an absolute joy. It’s rare that a wedding day is as relaxed as this one. They did a great job staying close to themselves.

Mercury Hall gave them the perfect location for everything they needed: a swing, quaint rooms for the bride and groom to get ready and an intimate ceremony underneath giant trees. As the golden light danced through the branches, Alisa and Louis vowed to continue to love each other for the rest of their lives. It was such an emotional day with tears flowing and memories being created.

There was so much Spanish influence throughout the whole wedding day. It was awesome! Everyone liked the mariachi band and the traditional wedding dance by Louis, his brother, and his brother’s two daughters.

As Alisa and Louis drove off in their epic get-away car, everyone could see they were a perfect match for each other, and it showed in every photograph.

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