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Spiritual Winter Wedding in Washington, ME

Captured & submitted by Cody Kurtz Photography

Resilient. Confident. Unwavering.

These are three words that describe how Mishaela and Wes tackled planning their COVID-stricken wedding plans in late 2020. Mishaela had always dreamed of a white wedding as a little girl, so that’s what their entire plan hinged upon. With their original plan being to elope in the picturesque backdrop that is Acadia National Park in Maine,  the pandemic wreaked havoc on not one but TWO of the venues they had to book due to health concerns.

In the end, 21 of their closest friends and family were in attendance as the couple wed in the backyard of a beautiful cabin, which was a personal residence.

Instead of a recessional, all of their friends and family gathered around the couple to pray a blessing over them. In their words, “We couldn’t think of a better way to start off our marriage than surrounded by prayer.”

The reception was a candlelit dinner that served more as a community gathering than a boisterous celebration. Mishaela’s dad cooked a Brazilian style currasco for everyone, which is a traditional feast in his native Brazil. There were numerous additions, such as Mishaela’s favorite juices, that he literally brought in his suitcase from Brazil!

Some of the night’s highlights were the speeches. The best man prepared his speech during the wedding, the matron of honor revealed that Wes was actually Mishaela’s counseling homework (which was HILARIOUS), and the sister brought everyone to tears.

Their gluten free, red velvet cake was made by a total stranger.

Wes had a crazy idea about the send off being a “snowball fight” so naturally, everyone had a massively hilarious snowball fight as the couple kissed for the camera!

Fun Facts:

-The Groom’s ring has an engraving of Mishaela’s voice. He’s an audio engineer for a living!

-The bride’s ring is a sapphire, which is the groom’s birthstone.

-The matron of honor had the duty of florist, arranger, hair stylist and makeup artist!

-Pastor Matt Chandler flew to Maine for less than 24 hours to officiate their ceremony before church the following day.

-The venue was actually a personal home that was opened to everyone from a family friend of the bride’s sister in law. They had heard the story of how two separate venues cancelled on the couple, which broke their hearts. It was a beautiful fit for a cozy, cabin wedding!

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