Tiffany and Nick’s Engagement Session

Captured & submitted by Enchanted Celebrations

Congratulations to Tiffany and Nick on their engagement! This lovely couple will tie the knot on August 14th, 2021 at Mountain Creek in Vernon NJ.

The day began on a sunny day, in a beautiful garden. Tiffany and Nick were surrounded by vibrant orange flowers as they stood on a rock that covered the stream. Tiffany looked amazing in a long white dress and nude pumps. Nick looked just as wonderful. He was wearing a light blue button down shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. Tiffany and Nick kissed for the camera. As they kissed, Tiffany lifted her leg up in the air behind her. So romantic!

They happy couple continued their walk through the garden. Tiffany posed for some solo shots to show off her beautiful dress, and then continued to walk along the path with Nick. They posed in a wooded area for more cute pics, and then made their way to a big open field.

Nick popped open a bottle of champagne and poured them both glasses. They sat down on the big blue blanket that was set out for them, and began to pose for some more adorable pics. You could feel the love in the air!

Finally, the cute couple ended their day by strolling through the fields as the sun was setting. They held each other’s hands and looked at each other lovingly. Tiffany’s dress blew in the wind as they strolled, which made for some really cute shots!

What a great photoshoot!

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