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Woodsy and Whimsical Engagement Session in Lancaster, Pa

Captured & submitted by John Malloy Photography

James and Abby’s engagement shoot was awesome! They have such great chemistry and look amazing together! They’re definitely a couple with a determined commitment and patient devotion to each other and their future marriage.

Let’s start with their first date. They had been texting and FaceTiming for three weeks, thanks to a mutual friend encouraging James to contact Abby. He decided to drive from Philadelphia to Frederick, Maryland to finally meet face to face with this girl who was so easy to talk to. Just steps away from Abby’s apartment, they went to a local brewery, had drinks and talked for hours. Right away, Abby felt an attraction to James, not just because of his good looks and perfect smile, but also because conversation flowed so effortlessly. As they finally decided to order some dinner, James was excited to try the restaurant’s famous crab cakes. But what had began as the picture-perfect romantic date, ended with James getting violently ill with food poisoning! Abby said it wasn’t the most romantic first date, but it was definitely memorable. And it wasn’t enough to dissuade them from continuing the relationship because about 2 years later James returned to the same spot that he first saw Abby in person (in front of her old apartment…not far from the dreaded crab cake) and got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Of course, she said yes, but that’s not all there is to the story.

Abby had moved away from her old apartment but the area was still so special to her. James had suggested they go back to Frederick and spend the day walking around the shops, having brunch and reminiscing when they first met. Abby, being totally clueless of James’s plans to propose, invited 3 of her best friends from college to come along with their significant others. The party had gone from an intimate affair for 2 to a party of 8, but nothing was going to stop James from asking Abby to spend the rest of her life with him. As they stopped in front of her old apartment, James proposed. Abby was shocked! (So were her 6 friends!) It only took a few seconds for more people to come running down the street congratulating them. Their families had been in on the secret and were watching! It was a perfect day, in a perfect place with all of Abby’s favorite people celebrating in their lifelong commitment to one another.

James loves Abby’s loyalty and genuine happiness toward their relationship. She loves being by his side on the good days and the bad. Abby loves that James is so encouraging and strong. Through a lot of changes, he’s been her number one supporter. He always puts family and friends before his own needs and is such a hardworking and selfless man. She can’t wait to marry him next year at Stoltzfus Homestead and Gardens.

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