Fun Couple’s Unique Elopement

Captured & submitted by Andrejka Photography

Kacey and Norm held their intimate wedding ceremony – just the two of them, the officiant, and their parents – on the iconic front porch of Michigan’s famous Grand Hotel.

Norm has served in the Navy for over 20 years, and his military assignment meant that they needed to have their wedding much sooner than planned. Still they knew exactly what they wanted – an intimate and meaningful ceremony on Mackinac Island… and they couldn’t think of Mackinac without Grand Hotel!

Their wedding was full of beautiful contrasts. The pinks and purples of Kacey’s bouquet against the black of the cocktail dress she wore in lieu of her wedding gown. Kacey’s dress against the brilliant white of Norm’s naval uniform. The natural beauty of Mackinac Island as the backdrop for their formal attire. Their fun-loving vibe in their elegant surroundings!

They loved the grandeur of Grand Hotel and their small but beautiful ceremony was on the front porch. At 660 feet long, it was quite the aisle for Kacey to walk down! Their parents sat in rocking chairs for the ceremony that overlooked the soaring Mackinac Bridge over the Straits of Mackinac. They set off to explore the grounds and the island itself after the ceremony, so their wedding photos are full of laughter in all kinds of different locations around the island!

They wanted candid and unique pictures that captured not only the true elegance and beauty of a wedding, but their playful personalities as well. It was a gorgeous day, as the photos can tell you.

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