Classy and Modern Downtown Engagement in Houston TX

Captured & submitted by Violet Martinez Photography

Wes and Mayra met downtown at a place called the Pastry War. It was really by chance as Wes is not originally from the U.S. He is from Cape Town, South Africa. He approached Mayra and said “hi,” and when Mayra heard his beautiful accent, she instantly felt a connection. They enjoyed an evening of bar-hopping together and exchanged numbers. The rest is history!

What makes their relationship so special is how opposites attract.

Wes is adventurous, and Mayra claims she is not! He pushed her to grow in this aspect. He loves nature, and she loves shopping, and when they go on vacation, they find a way to balance what they both love. The last vacation they went on was in Costa Rica. Mayra was committed to mountain bike, and let’s just say there were a lot of tears and screams as she went up and down the mountain. She also has some battle scars to prove but guess what? She did it. She doesn’t think she has ever been so scared in her life, but Mayra felt so accomplished. She says, “I love that he pushes me to experience things that I would generally stay away from. It keeps it lively and fun!”

In that same trip, Wes proposed.

“I had NO CLUE, like NO CLUE!” Mayra said. She had actually stopped stressing about getting married and put her faith in God. The proposal turned out to be a beautiful evening with dinner on the beach right after sunset. Wes proposed through her favorite dessert – cake – which said “Will you marry me?” Mayra felt an instant surprise and joy, a feeling she said she will never forget.

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