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Downtown Austin, Texas Engagement Shoot

Captured & submitted by Nikk Nguyen Photo

It’s becoming more and more common to hear stories of couples meeting online, but this couple met back in 2012 when online dating was just becoming a thing. After chatting online for a bit, Stefanie and Ronnie met up at a local coffee shop and, as they say, “the rest was history!”

A proposal, a dream ring, and celebratory cheeseburgers

Stefanie and Ronnie got engaged in November 2018 on a trip to New Orleans. “We love to travel and wanted to take a little getaway to a city neither of us had yet been to,” Stefanie said. They were in a gorgeous park when Ronnie popped the question (with Stefanie’s DREAM ring!). They had previously talked about getting engaged, but she had no clue as to when or where it would happen. After he proposed, they went to a dive bar and had celebratory cheeseburgers and drinks.

What makes their relationship special? Stefanie says, “Our personalities complement each other really well.” Stefanie is a bit more outgoing and Ronnie is more reserved, but they both love sharing new experiences.

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