Boho Camper Van Styled Elopement in the Rocky Mountains

Captured & submitted by Sheena Shahangian Photography LLC

This boho camper van styled elopement took place at a campsite near Nederland, Colorado, tucked deep in the mountains. In order to showcase the power of a full day of adventures, they started the shoot drinking coffee and simply soaking in the pre-ceremony moments in the vintage van. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the ceremonial parts of the day, but the quiet pre-elopement moments are just as important (and they deserve just as much attention and coverage too).

They had the elopement ceremony in between two trees located at the campsite, with a lovely macrame hanging from both trees. The couple shared vows, without an officiant present (fun fact about Colorado: you can actually get married without someone officiating).

The rest of the evening was spent at the campsite, where they’d set up and styled a dinner table intended for floor seating, for a Moroccan vibe. Pillows and rugs were placed beneath the table for the couple to sit on. The couple followed up by wandering through the mountains and the dirt road near the camp and then closing off the night with some snuggles back in the vintage van as the sun set completely and the sky went dark.

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