The Little Mermaid Wedding Inspiration

Captured & submitted by Ruth Terrero Photography

Everyone deserves a fairytale ending, and a Disney princess wedding can provide a magical, romantic day. You don’t have to go full-blown fanatic – there are subtle ways to tie in the magic you love about your favorite Disney movies into your wedding day without going over the top or being too cliché.

Whether you’ve experienced love at first sight like Eric and Ariel, or simply enjoy watching the underwater fairytale, having a day inspired by their love will surely make you feel special.

Starting with the wedding invitations, there are touches of the ocean with beautiful blue tones and seashells.

The table is set outside in front of water, of course. The white table and chairs truly let the details of the flowers and plating shine. The flowers incorporated lovely palm leaves, along with extremely bright blue, green, and purples.

Iridescent silverware set beside the plates resembled the colors in a mermaid’s tail, along with an actual mermaid tale ring to hold the napkins.

Could a Little Mermaid themed wedding be complete without a dinglehopper? Of course not! Having a fork sticking out of the cake pops made for the perfect grab-and-go dessert.

The bride model of course had red hair like Ariel, which looked absolutely stunning against her white mermaid silhouette wedding dress. Even if you don’t have red hair, keeping most things clean and white will make you and your details pop.

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