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Sunrise Engagement Photography with Brandon and Jilian

Captured & submitted by J&J Studios, LLC

Jilian and Brandon have a long history together; they met in high school through a mutual friend. Fun fact: Jilian hates elevators, because she’s terrified to get stuck in one! When asked what she loves most about Brandon, Jilian told us, “How committed he is to our relationship and future family.”

Brandon seems like a total romantic, from what we know of how he proposed to his future wife. He proposed when the two were visiting the islands of Turks and Caicos. Brandon had Jilian fooled; she thought they were going to attend a welcome ceremony the hotel was hosting. But, when they arrived by the water, they were the only two people there. Then, Brandon proposed – and Jilian said yes!

J & J Studios asked Brandon and Jilian how their wedding planning experience has been so far. They told us, “It’s been pretty seamless! We worked together throughout the process to ensure it is the day of our dreams!” Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful. But, we’re so happy to hear that wedding planning is going so well for them!

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