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Rittenhouse Square Engagement – Cecile and Jared

Captured & submitted by J&J Studios, LLC

Cecile and Jared are a special couple who met and discovered they loved what they saw in one another, right from the start. Read their fun Q&A!

1. How did you and your fiance meet?

Cecile – Our journey began in the most romantic way possible… on a dating app LOL . As we began to message each other via the application, it didn’t take very long for me to notice that there was something different about Jared. Even before meeting him in person, the word that kept coming to my mind about him as we messaged was “Genuine”. I am pleased to say that he has unfailingly lived up to that description every single day that I have known him.

Our first date was in Pittsburgh where we both lived at the time, almost 2 years ago. We spent most of that day getting to know each other through meaningful conversation while eating a delicious taco sampler Jared recommended. After eating we went to a pinball café and then spent the remainder of the evening playing arcade games at Dave & busters, most of which I won (No need to fact check this). After such a fun-filled date filled with great conversation, laughter, amazing food, and wonderful company that lasted several hours, I knew that I met a lovely person whom I wanted to be a part of life. What I did not know then, was that almost 2 years later, he would ask me to spend the rest of my life with him. I got very familiar with Jared in the course of our dating. I discovered a caring, self-less and loving individual who never ceased to remind me of his love for me. I also got to know an exceptionally talented percussionist, a formidable cook, and a person of remarkable intellect. I found someone I humbled to call, my best friend.

2. What do you love most about your partner?

Jared – What I love most about Cecile is her ability and willingness to care for all her family and friends. I admire her desire and determination in fostering meaningful relationships between she and her loved ones. I love that she goes out of her way to make sure I always feel special. I am extremely grateful for her and I feel blessed knowing that she loves with everything in her.

Cecile- What I love most about Jared is his heart of gold. I often say to my friends and family that Jared is the best person I know, and I mean that, He reminds me so much of my mother in terms of how selfless and caring he is ( coincidentally, they are born 3 days apart). I always feel loved and cared for as a result of having him in m life. His continuous affection towards keeps me happy and I am beyond honored to spend the rest of my life with my Honey.

3. How did he propose?

Jared- On Friday October 23rd I turned 29. I knew Cecile was coming to visit me for my Birthday and more importantly I knew I was going to ask her to marry me. I knew I wanted to start this milestone of another year off with the most important decision I’ve made in my life thus far. Most of the big day was spent catching up, blowing up balloons and decorating my home. I informed Cecile that instead of going out to dinner later that day for his birthday, I would instead have someone come to the house and make us a meal. Little did we know that this would be one of the best meals we would have to date. It comprised of scrumptious seafood mac and cheese a delectable stuffed lobster alfredo accompanied by a succulent serving of filet mignon and 2 mouthwatering desserts; apple caramel cheesecake (my favorite dessert) and a slice of strawberry shortcake (my new 2nd favorite dessert). All of this food was served to us on a beautiful table cloth and place setting with a white and gold theme that I took the time to pick out and arrange. Everything aligned flawlessly. Our night was going so perfectly as we were savoring this delicious meal and enjoying each other’s presence when suddenly, I got out of my chair, went down on one knee, and presented a beautiful ring to her. her words for the moment were

“I was filled with surprise and elation at that moment; it was as though time had stopped. He made a proposal to me that I was honored to accept. “

I would say that she was in a state of shock when I asked her and to this day isn’t quite sure of what I said. This will come in handy when I am telling our children exaggerated realities of what happened that night, which was full of love and amazing conversation similar to the very first date that we had.

4. What was your inspiration for the engagement photos?

Cecile – The inspiration for the photos came from our desire to celebrate each other. We have a lot of the grateful both individually and as a couple. Hence we wanted to give ourselves the gift of looking good and feeling great. We had a lovely time coordinating our outfits. For 2 people with average fashion sense, we did quite well *pats self on back*.

5. Have you started wedding planning? If so, how has your experience been so far?

Cecile – We have started Wedding planning, the experience has been challenging, eye opening and exciting. Jared and I are have learnt a lot about ourselves individually and as a couple throughout this process. We have done a great job at communicating effectively and trusting on one another. We have a lot of progress in a relatively short and we are counting to our wedding date, about 8 months form now. We decided to get married in Cameroon, Africa where my family and I are from. Given the destination and the pandemic, we are having had to manage several variables. Nonetheless we are keeping our focus on our big day trusting that it will be everything we wish for it to be. We are also planning to have a reception in Philadelphia for our loved ones who may not be able to travel. So far so good????

6. How was your experience working with your engagement photographer?

Cecile – Our experience with John was great! Our expectations were surpassed, and we are happy to have trusted him with this task of capturing our love on camera. We interviewed several other potential photographers before deciding to book John. Jared and I are camera shy and Jared often forgets to smile while in front of a camera (he will hate me for this). Given our inexperience with photography, it was important that whoever we pick be able to provide us with direction. We needed someone whose professional experience we could rely on. A lot of the poses Johns asked us to try were unusual and awkward at times. We were definitely pushed out of our comfort zone, but we were grateful that John and his assistant were supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process. We trust that we took some good shots, and we are eager to see the result.

7. Share some quirky facts about you.

Cecile – I don’t have any quirky fact about me lol

some regular facts about me are that

– I speak French

– I have never broken a bone

– Jared and I have no pets, but when we move in together, we intend to get a fish and name it Archie.

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